Learning languages is a hard task. People often have to invest a huge amount of time in order to be able to speak out a single correct sentence in a foreign language. This is true for each and every new language anyone is learning. After the first phase of familiarization with a foreign language, practicing becomes the key factor. Every new sentence learned has to be used in order for you to correctly memorize the sentences and feel more comfortable with the new language. Here are 8 tips for you on how to practice a new language you are learning in the first phases of your journey.

  1. Ask for the time or for the time the movie is going to start
  2. Ask for the opening hours of shops
  3. In a market, ask for the prices of various goods
  4. Ask for the food recipe for different meals
  5. Go into a Bookstore and ask for book suggestions for language learners
  6. In a restaurant, ask for food recommendations or ask the waiter to explain the ingredients of a specific dish
  7. When you are in a café or a bar and there is not much going on, you can always start a conversation with the barkeeper and ask him/her for cool activities in the area etc.
  8. Ask the tourist information desk in the city for tourist attractions, museums etc.